Child support & parentage testing

What is child support and do I have to pay it?

Both parents are required to financially support their children. Following separation one parent is usually required to make a payment to the other parent to help in the costs of caring for the children. The amount required to be paid takes into account a range of factors including; the income of the parents, the age of the children, the cost of raising children and how much time the children spend with each parent.

Do we need to pay through the Child Support Agency?

No, many separated parents come to their own private agreements about the payment of child support. The arrangements can be informal or formally recorded as either a Binding or Limited Child Support Agreement which is signed by both parties and is registered with the Child Support Agency.

I have been assessed to pay child support but I am not the father, what can I do?​

If you have been assessed by the Child Support Agency as being required to pay child support but you do not believe you are the father an application can be made to the Court for a DNA test and declaration that you are not the father and therefore not liable to pay child support. Strict time limits apply if you are disputing you are the father and you should seek legal advice immediately.