Licence and speeding appeals

When it comes to licence and speeding appeals, it’s important to act quickly.

An application can be made to the Local Court to appeal the following decisions by the Roads & Maritime Service:

  1. Suspension of P1 or P2 driver’s licence for exceeding demerit points (4 points for P1 licence holders and 7 points for P2 licence holders);
  2. Suspension of licence for exceeding the speed limit by more than 30 or 45 kilometres per hour.


An appeal must be lodged with the Local Court within 28 days of the suspension notice from the RMS. You may continue to drive during this period until the matter is decided by the Court.

Once an application has been made to the Court appealing the decision of the RMS, the Court may:

  1. Allow the appeal which means that you retain your licence;
  2. Disallow the appeal which means that you are suspended for the period set by the RMS;
  3. Disallow the appeal, but reduce the automatic suspension period.